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Progress® Chef 360™ platform

Progress® Chef 360™ platform is a comprehensive solution that automates DevOps journeys whenever, wherever, and however a business scenario requires.

Whenever Chef 360 provides real-time observability of the changing infrastructure environment through scheduled actions, continuous scanning or immediate “execute-once" semantics,

Wherever Chef 360 operates across hybrid environments from on-premises data centers through to all major public clouds, and secures the wide variety of platforms and resources supported by Chef, and

Whatever Chef 360 enables DevOps and security engineering teams—whether they follow ITIL or ChatOps—to leverage the native JSON syntax or use one of several, extensible infrastructure-as-code DSLs

Chef 360 has a workflow engine to execute varied jobs in compliance and infrastructure management:

  • Regularly scan, audit, and remediate infrastructure, protecting your fleet with certified industry compliance profiles like CIS, SOC2, and CSPM
  • Create composable jobs quickly using shell scripting and out-of-the-box skills to develop full playbooks, capable of coordinating the other DevOps IaC tools you own
  • Safely build, package, and deploy applications from a fully cloud-native, zero-trust platform in conjunction with Chef Habitat
  • Discover assets effortlessly from existing Chef environments, other Progress products like What’s-Up-Gold, and even your own CMDB and monitoring solutions
  • Leverage an open partner ecosystem with Chef premium content and content from thought leaders such as OSL and MITRE, and easily extensible formats which require no special knowledge
  • Available as a solution hosted by Progress or deployed in your infrastructure, especially suitable for highly regulated environments

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