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Chef Automate users can manage their display name, date/time format, and password. Select the user icon in the top navigation bar, and select Profile from the drop-down menu.

Profile Section in Chef Automate

Select Profile to view the details. The Details tab updates the Display Name and the Time Format, whereas the Reset Password tab edits the password.

Change a Display Name

Change the display name by entering any preferred name. Select Save to update the name.

Display Name of Chef Automate

Every user needs a display name. An empty display name causes an error.

Error in Display Name

Change the Date/Time Format

Select one of the five date and time formats from the drop-down menu. Select Save to change the appearance of the date and time across Chef Automate.

Date/Time Format

Select the date/time format and save to get the changes reflected in the interface.

Reset Password

Reset the password of Chef Automate login from the Reset Password tab in Profile.

Reset Password From Profile

Insert the Previous Password and the New Password and select Reset Password.

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