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Existing A2HA to Automate HA

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This page explains the procedure to migrate the existing A2HA data to the newly deployed Chef Automate HA. This migration involves the following steps:


  • Mount the file system to Automate HA, which was mount to A2HA Cluster.
  • Make sure that after mount, it should have the correct file permission.

Migration Steps

  1. Run the below command from any one of automate instance, in A2HA Cluster.
  sudo chef-automate backup create
  sudo chef-automate bootstrap bundle create
  • First command will take the backup at mount file system. you can get the mount path from the file /hab/a2_deploy_workspace/a2ha.rb
  • Second command will create the bootstrap bundle, which we need to copy all the frontend nodes of Automate HA cluster.
  • Once the backup is completed successfully, please save the backup Id. Example : 20210622065515
  1. Detach the File system from old A2HA cluster.

  2. Attach and Mount the same file system to Automate HA frontend and backend nodes at the location mention in the config.toml at field backup_mount

  3. Stop all the service’s at frontend nodes in Automate HA Cluster.

  • Run the below command to all the Automate and Chef Infra Server nodes
  sudo chef-automate stop
  1. Please Get the Automate HA version number from the location /var/tmp/ in Automate instance. Example : frontend-4.x.y.aib

  2. Run the command at Chef-Automate node of Automate HA cluster to get the applied config

      sudo chef-automate config show > current_config.toml 
  3. To restore the A2HA backup on Chef Automate HA, run the following command from any Chef Automate instance of Chef Automate HA cluster:

  sudo chef-automate backup restore /mnt/automate_backups/backups/20210622065515/ --patch-config current_config.toml --airgap-bundle /var/tmp/frontend-4.x.y.aib --skip-preflight
  1. Copy the bundle to all the Frontend nodes of Chef Automate HA cluster. Unpack the bundle using below command on all the Frondend nodes.
  sudo chef-automate bootstrap bundle unpack
  1. Start the Service in all the frontend nodes with below command.
  sudo chef-automate start

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