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Platform Support

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This section lists the recommended requirements for operating systems, virtual machine instances, and VPC for implementing the Chef Automate High Availability (HA) in your network infrastructure.

Software Requirements

Operating SystemsSupported Version
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (64 Bit OS)7, 8. For 8 or above versions, the SELinux configuration must be permissive. The SELinux configuration is enforced in RHEL 8. Red Hat Enterprise Linux derivatives include Amazon Linux v1 (using RHEL 6 packages) and v2 (using RHEL 7packages).
Ubuntu (64 Bit OS)16.04.x, 18.04.x, 20.04.x
Centos (64 Bit OS)7
Amazon Linux 2 (64 Bit OS)2 (kernel 5.10)

Hardware Requirements

The hardware configuration is according to the performance benchmarking tests based on the assumptions listed below:

Number of Nodes sending data5000
Frequency of Compliance Scan1Per Hour
Frequency of Client runs (Infra runs)1Per Hour
Frequency of Event Feed1Per Hour
Data Retention policy1Days
Compliance scan report size400KB
Client Run (Infra run) size300KB
Event Feed update size2KB
No. of Shards in OpenSearch Index2

The machine requirements based on the above assumptions are listed below:

InstanceCountvCPURAMStorage Size(/hab)AWS Machine TypeAdditional Space
Chef Automate22880 GBm5.large/tmp=5% /root=20%
Chef Infra Server22880 GBm5.large/tmp=5% /root=20%
Postgresql DB328150 GBm5.large/tmp=5% /root=20%
Opensearch DB32858.9 GBm5.large/tmp=5% /root=20%
Bastion Machine128150 GBm5.large/tmp=5% /root=20%


Click here to calculate the actual estimate of the configuration using the sample calculator.


  • For OpenSearch and PostgresSQL, a minimum of three node clusters is required.
  • For production, OpenSearch volume size also depends on the number of nodes and frequency of Chef Infra Client runs and compliance scans.

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