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We are currently working on making the setup and upgrade process to Automate HA a seamless experience. If you are already using Chef Automate HA, or are planning to use it, please contact your customer success manager or account manager for more information.

This page explains the frequently encountered issues in Chef Automate High Availability (HA) functionality and the steps to resolve them.

Issues and Solutions

Post Automate HA deployment, if chef-server service is in critical state.

  • Run the command on Automate HA chef-server node journalctl --follow --unit chef-automate if getting an 500 internal server error with data-collector endpoint, it means that Chef Infra Server not able to communicate to the Chef Automate data-collector endpoint

    ssh to the Automate HA Chef Infra Server, and get token and automate-lb-url from the config. run chef-automate config show go get the config.

  export endpoint="AUTOMATE LB URL"
  curl -H "api-token:$token" https://$endpoint/api/v0/events/data-collector -k

To make the service health, make sure that chef server able to curl the data collector endpoint from chef server node.

Deployment doesn’t exit Gracefully

  • There are some cases in which deployment doesn’t exited successfully.

Issue: Database Accessed by Other Users

The restore command fails when other users or services access the nodes’ databases. This happens when restore service tries to drop the database when some services are still running and are referring to database.

Database Access Error


  • Stop the frontend and backend services.

  • Perform the following steps on all frontend and backend nodes:

    • SSH into the frontend node and execute the chef-automate status command.
    • SSH into the backend node and execute the hab svc status command.

Issue: Cached Artifact not found in Offline Mode

The cached artifact does not exist in offline mode. This issue occurs in an air gap environment when a package tries to pull any dependency components or details from the internet.

Cache Artifact Error


Use the --airgap-bundle option and the restore command. Locate the name of the airgap bundle from the path /var/tmp. For example, the airgap bundle file name, frontend-4.x.y.aib.

Command Example

chef-automate backup restore s3://bucket\_name/path/to/backups/BACKUP\_ID --patch-config </path/to/patch.toml> --skip-preflight --s3-access-key "Access\_Key" --s3-secret-key "Secret\_Key" --airgap-bundle /var/tmp/<airgap-bundle>

Issue: Existing Architecture does not Match with the Requested

The existing architecture does not match the requested one issue occurs when you have made AWS provisioning, and again you are trying to run the automate-cluster-ctl provision command.


Execute the following command from the bastion host from any location:

  • sed -i 's/deployment/aws/' /hab/a2\_deploy\_workspace/terraform/.tf\_arch

  • sed -i 's/architecture "deployment"/architecture "aws"/' /hab/a2\_deploy\_workspace/a2ha.rb

Issue: Unable to Determine the Bucket Region

When Chef Automate instances could not locate the S3 bucket, the following error is displayed, Unable to restore the backup: Listing backups failed: RequestError: send request failed caused by: Get “"

Bucket Region Error


Ensure that the access key, secret key, and endpoints are correct.

If you are using on-premises S3 for backup and facing issues with restore, attach the s3-endpoint with the s3 restore command.

For example:

chef-automate backup restore s3://bucket_name/path/to/backups/BACKUP_ID --skip-preflight --s3-access-key "Access_Key" --s3-secret-key "Secret_Key" --s3-endpoint "<URL>"

Issue: HAB Access Error

The hab user does not have read, write, or executive privileges on the backup repository.


Execute the following command to grant permission to the user.

sudo chef-automate backup fix-repo-permissions <path>

Issue: Longer Time in Executing Command ./scripts/credentials set ssl

The ./scripts/credentials set ssl command stuck and could not locate the HAB license.


Press ctrl + c, export HAB license, and execute ./scripts/credentials set ssl command.

Issue: Deployment Fails Repeatedly Due to Unhealthy Status

The deployment repeatedly fails due to unhealthy status when you execute the command ./chef-automate deploy config.toml.

Deployment Error


Follow the steps to fix the above issue:

  • SSH into all frontends (Chef Automate HA and Chef Server)

  • Remove the /hab directory from all frontend nodes.

  • Remove all the files from the /var/tmp folder of all frontend nodes.

rm -rf hab && cd /var/tmp && rm -rf
sudo kill -9 $(sudo lsof -t -i:9631)
sudo kill -9 $(sudo lsof -t -i:9638)
  • Execute the terraform destroy command to remove the deployment.
for i in 1;do i=$PWD;cd /hab/a2_deploy_workspace/terraform/;terraform destroy;cd $i;done
  • Re-run the deployment command: ./chef-automate deploy config.toml.

Issue: scp Error

While trying to deploy Chef Automate HA multiple times on the same infrastructure, the file is not created again as a state entry from past deployment blocks the creation.

The possible error looks like as shown below:

    Error running command 'scp -o StrictHostKeyChecking=no -i /root/.ssh/a2ha-hub cloud-user@<ip>5:/var/tmp/': exit status 1. Output: scp: /var/tmp/ No such file or directory


  1. Log in to the bastion host.

  2. Move to directory, cd /hab/a2_deploy_workspace/terraform/.

  3. Execute the following commands:

terraform taint module.bootstrap_automate.null_resource.automate_pre[0]
terraform taint module.bootstrap_automate.null_resource.automate_pre[1]
terraform taint module.bootstrap_automate.null_resource.automate_pre[2]
terraform taint module.bootstrap_automate.null_resource.automate_post[0]
terraform taint module.bootstrap_automate.null_resource.automate_post[1]
terraform taint module.bootstrap_automate.null_resource.automate_post[2]

Issue: Deployment or Upgrade Fails as UnknownError

While trying to deploy or upgrade Chef Automate HA, if the command did not exit gracefully, the possible error looks like as shown below:

      Exiting as execution process completed
UnknownError: Unable to determine error cause: Command did not exit gracefully
  • Examine the logs from bastion (/hab/a2_deploy_workspace/logs/a2ha-run.log) or from frontend/backend nodes in svc-load.log (or) automate-ctl.log in /hab/var/automate-ha/
  • If you found that sysctl: command not found, follow the below steps:


  • In logs check for which module it prompted an error.
  • SSH into the node and check if the sysctl utility is available by running sysctl -a.
  • If Command 'sysctl' not found, try installing the pkg.
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