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IAM Actions

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Reference the chart on this page when creating a Role to know which action grants access to what page in the browser.

IAM Action lists the associated action or actions required to access that page in the browser. Use * in these actions to give broad permissions to perform all associated actions such as get, list, create, delete, etc. Specify the action to restrict user access to the specific action.

Task Browser Tab IAM Action API endpoint URL
View Events Dashboards event:* /event_feed
View and Search Events Dashboards [event:*, infra:nodes:list] /event_feed
View Service Group Data Applications applications:* /applications/service-groups
View Client Runs Infrastructure infra:nodes:* /cfgmgmt/nodes
View Chef Servers Infrastructure infra:infraServers:* /infra/servers
List Reports Compliance compliance:reporting:* /compliance/reporting/reports
List Scan Jobs Compliance compliance:scannerJobs:* /compliance/scanner/jobs
Manage Scan Jobs Compliance [compliance:scannerJobs:* , infra:nodes:* , infra:nodeManagers:* , compliance:profiles:* ] /compliance/scanner/jobs
Manage Compliance Profiles Compliance compliance:profiles:* /compliance/profiles
Manage Notifications Settings notifications:* /notifications
Manage Data Feed Settings datafeed:* /data_feed/destination
Manage Node Integrations Settings [infra:nodeManagers:* , infra:nodes:* , secrets:* ] /nodemanagers , /cfgmgmt/nodes , /secrets
Manage Node Credentials Settings secrets:* /secrets
Manage Data Lifecycle Settings dataLifecycle:* /data-lifecycle
Manage Users Settings iam:users:* /iam/v2/users
Manage Teams Settings iam:teams:* /iam/v2/teams
Manage API Tokens Settings iam:tokens:* /iam/v2/tokens
Manage Policies Settings iam:policies:* /iam/v2/policies
Manage Roles Settings iam:roles:* /iam/v2/roles
Manage Projects Settings iam:projects:* /iam/v2/projects

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