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Invalid Login Attempts

Invalid Login Attempts is available only in case of local or LDAP users.

Chef Automate shows error message for invalid login attempts for local or LDAP user as shown below.

Chef Automate Invalid Login Attempts

Chef Automate shows error message for blocked local or LDAP user as shown below.

Chef Automate Blocked User

Chef Automate lets you configure Invalid Login Attempts, which is enabled (by default) to avoid multiple failed login attempts in a shorter time. Chef Automate also blocks the user for a specified duration (in minutes) once the maximum allowed number of invalid login attempts reached

The default configuration of invalid_login_attempts in Chef Automate is as follows:

      enable_invalid_login_attempts = true
      blocked_duration_in_minutes = 30
      max_invalid_login_attempts_allowed = 5

To change the above default values, follow the steps given below:

  • Set the value of enable_invalid_login_attempts property to false in config.toml file to disable the feature.
  • Set the value of blocked_duration_in_minutes property to your desired time in minutes(for example, 30 mins). (Setting the value of this property to 30 will block the user from trying to log in with invalid credentials for 30 minutes after max_invalid_login_attempts_allowed is consumed).
  • Set the value of max_invalid_login_attempts_allowed to your desired number (for example, 5). (Setting the value of this property to 5 will let the user try five times with failed login attempts beyond which the user will be blocked for set blocked_duration_in_minutes. Only when the user has made all five failed attempts within specified blocked_duration_in_minutes)


The failed login attempts will reset and same blocked user or user with the some failed login attempts can start fresh again after the specified blocked_duration_in_minutes.
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