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Session Timeout

Chef Automate has an optional session timeout configuration for signing out idle workstations. Chef Automate measure session activity as any interaction from a workstation, from a mouse, keyboard, or touchpad. With session timeout enabled, Chef Automate signs out idle workstations after a set number of minutes.

To enable session_timeout in Chef Automate:

  • Set the value of enable_idle_timeout property to true in config.toml file.
  • Set the value of idle_timeout_minutes property to your desired time in minutes(for example 30). (Setting the value of this property to 30 will set the session timeout time to 30 minutes).


The minimum value of idle_timeout_minutes can be 5 minutes.

This example sets the session timeout to 30 minutes, which means that Chef Automate signs out any connected workstation after 30 minutes of inactivity:

    enable_idle_timeout = true
    idle_timeout_minutes = 30
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