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About Telemetry

Users of this Chef Automate server may elect to share user-anonymized usage data with Chef Software, Inc. Chef uses this shared data to improve Chef Automate. Please see the Chef Privacy Policy for more information about the information Chef collects, and how that information is used.

Opting Out of Telemetry

Admins can opt out of telemetry for the Automate server and all of its users, by editing an existing configuration.toml or create a new TOML file. Add the following to the TOML file:

    opt_out= true

Save the file and apply the changes with:

chef-automate config patch configuration.toml

This will apply the configuration change for telemetry.

Individual users can opt out of telemetry by unchecking the telemetry box on the welcome pop-up the first time they log into Automate.

To opt out of telemetry at any later point in time, navigate to the profile icon, select “About Chef Automate” from the drop-down, and uncheck the telemetry checkbox.

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