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Chef Automate is an enterprise platform that allows developers, operations, and security engineers to collaborate on application and infrastructure changes with speed and at scale. Chef Automate provides actionable insights across data centers and cloud providers, wherever your nodes live.

Chef Automate is the center of the modern Chef platform, providing users with a single source of truth for infrastructure, security, and application automation. The comprehensive dashboard provides real-time views of your configuration management activity. Chef Automate comes bundled with the latest Chef Infra Server, providing the core tools you need to manage your enterprise infrastructure. Data collection is enabled by default, allowing your nodes to report activity in real-time. This instance is free for 60 days or you can bring your own license (BYOL).

Use this instance with Chef Workstation installed on your laptop or a separate Azure instance.

Chef Workstation includes:

  • Chef Infra Client
  • Chef InSpec
  • Chef Habitat
  • chef and knife command line tools
  • Testing tools, such as Test Kitchen and Cookstyle
  • Everything else needed to author cookbooks and upload them to the Chef Infra Server.
If you need to run Chef Automate with a high availability (HA) topology, please contact Chef Support.

Marketplace Deployment

The Marketplace Deployment is a test-level Chef Automate environment. This deployment requires an Azure account or subscription. You can provision Chef Automate directly from Azure. This Chef Automate solution requires that you bring your own license (BYOL). New users may try this solution for up to 60 days. Contact us at to obtain a license.

Get Started

  1. Navigate to Chef Automate on the Azure Marketplace.

    Azure Home Page

  2. Select Get it Now.

    Get It Now

  3. Sign in to your Microsoft account with your Microsoft account email address.

    Sign In

  4. Enter your password and select Sign In.

    Enter Password

  5. Select Continue to accept the Microsoft information terms.


Deploy Automate

  1. Select Create to create your Chef Automate instance.

    Create Automate

  2. Enter the project details and select Next:

    1. Subscription: Select the your subscription
    2. Resource group: Create new or select an existing one
    3. Region: Select the region for your instance
    Subscription Page
  3. Enter your custom settings and select Next: Review + create to validate your configuration.

    1. Username: Example:chefuser
    2. SSH public key: Copy your existing public key or make a new key pair.
    3. Size: The vCPUs and memory for your instance. The recommended minimum is 4vCPUs and 16GB memory. Example: Standard D4s v3
     Custom Settings
  4. Review your validated configuration and select Create to deploy Chef Automate.

    Validation Page

  5. Chef Automate takes about 15 minutes to deploy.

    Deploy In Progress Page

  6. Once the Chef Automate deployment completes, select Go to resource group.

    Deploy Complete Page


  1. On the Resource group page for your installation, select the Chef Automate virtual machine (VM), which is named RESOURCE-GROUP-ipg6-VM.

    Overview Page

  2. Locate and copy the Public IP on the Virtual machine page. You will use this to connect to your VM.

    Deploy Description

  3. From the command line, connect to your VM:

    ssh -i chefkey.pem chefuser@
SSH into your instance with your Automate pem key
  1. Get your Chef Automate URL and login credentials from the command line:

    sudo cat /root/automate-credentials.toml

    Which returns something like:

    url = ""
    username = "admin"
    password = "EXAMPLE1234567890abcdefghijklmno"
  2. Open your favorite browser and Access the Chef Automate URL and Select Advanced and continue as shown below:

    Insecure site warning

  3. Enter your username, password and select Sign In to Access Chef Automate WebUI.

    Automate Sign In

  4. Enter your name and email address, accept the Chef license, and then select Register.

    Automate Welcome

  5. Congratulations! You’re ready to explore Chef Automate!

    Automate Event Feed

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