The CommunityΒΆ

The community is one of the best features of Chef because it is populated by all of the people who use Chef. This also means that the community is a great place to bounce ideas around, ask questions, and to find ways to help make Chef better.

Here are some contributions from the community:

Workflow: Berkshelf | Librarian | Spiceweasel

Development tools: test-kitchen | Food Critic | cucumber-chef | chef-workflow | chefspec | yard-chef | Cookbooks | Jenkins Plugin

Discussion: Guidelines | | Food Fight ShowChat channels: chef | chef-hacking | openstack-chef

Books about Chef: Test-Driven Infrastructure with Chef, 2nd Edition | Instant Chef Starter | Chef Infrastructure Automation Cookbook | Learning Chef (A Guide to Configuration Management and Automation) [O’Reilly] | Customizing Chef (Getting the Most Out of Your Infrastructure Automation) – Early Release | Learning Chef [Packt Publishing] | Chef Essentials | Managing Windows Servers with Chef

Plugins: Chef | Knife | Ohai | Report handlers |

Chef for OpenStack: Overview | knife-openstack

Documentation: Contribute to this documentation | Style Guide