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Chef Compliance

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Chef Compliance leverages the Effortless Infrastructure Suite to combine Chef Infra, Chef InSpec, and Chef Habitat to create and release an already-hardened artifact to your fleet. This pattern makes maintaining compliance easier and shortens the audit cycle for organizations by codifying it; it shifts compliance left in the SDLC.

Chef Compliance is continuous compliance; it helps organizations stand up and maintain compliant infrastructure. It provides a unified and easy-to-use pattern that leverages Chef Software products and content together, which allows customers to define and establish a baseline for their compliance posture, and mitigate areas of concern.

  • Chef Compliance helps organizations articulate their security and compliance posture to customers in a world of data breaches and new regimes like GDPR.
  • Chef Compliance helps organizations stand up compliant infrastructure in minutes, letting you spend more time adding value for your customers.

Chef Compliance leverages our premium audit and remediation content built from the latest CIS benchmarks and DISA STIGs. You can use these as the foundation for defining your organization’s baseline compliance profile, including with any waivers or remediation for specific controls in that benchmark, and then you solidify that into a single, policy-based artifact that you can deploy across your fleet.

That artifact regularly reports its compliance state, so you can proactively and continuously address compliance changes, instead of waiting for an audit. With a codified compliance baseline in place, you can address it earlier in the software development lifecycle. Placing compliance at the front of the delivery pipeline promotes good operational hygiene.

Chef Compliance has two offerings: Audit and Remediation.

  • Chef Compliance Audit gets you compliant in minutes and able to report on that status continuously
  • Chef Compliance Remediation levels up by adding remediation content to help you cross the “last mile” of compliance so you can confidently complete your audit cycles.

Find out more about our Chef Compliance offerings!

The Chef Software Stack

  • Chef Infra - Chef Infra automates infrastructure configuration and ensures every system sets up correctly and consistently.
  • Chef InSpec - Chef InSpec automates security tests, and ensures enforcement of consistent standards in every environment and at every stage of development.
  • Chef Habitat - Chef Habitat codifies how the application builds, how it runs, and its dependencies to free the application from underlying infrastructure and make updates easy.
  • Chef Automate - Chef Automate provides an Enterprise dashboard and analytics tool to enable cross-team collaboration with actionable insights for configuration and compliance, and an auditable history of environment changes.

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