About Configuration FilesΒΆ

The chef-client relies on Ruby files to provide configuration details and settings to various components. The files are written using a Ruby DSL that specifies each setting and its value. Some values are specified as strings, others as integers, floats, hashes, or arrays.

In the following sections, the settings are listed alphabetically, with a description of the setting and (in most cases) the available options and values.

Config File Description
chef-server.rb Settings A chef-server.rb file is used to specify the configuration settings for the Chef server.
client.rb A client.rb file is used to specify the configuration details for the chef-client.
knife.rb A knife.rb file is used to specify the chef-repo-specific configuration details for knife.
metadata.rb A metadata.rb file is never interpreted directly. Rather, the metadata.rb file provides a simple location to store and edit data that is then compiled by the Chef server and stored as JSON data.