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chef-manage-ctl (executable)

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Chef Manage is deprecated and no longer under active development. It is supported on Chef Automate installations up to version 1.8 and replaced by Chef Automate 2.0. Contact your Chef account representative for information about upgrading your system. See our Automate documentation to learn more about Chef Automate 2.

This document is no longer maintained.


This documentation applies to a deprecated product. Chef Automate includes newer out-of-the-box compliance profiles, an improved compliance scanner with total cloud scanning functionality, better visualizations, role-based access control and many other features. Chef Automate is included as part of the Workflow license agreement and is available using subscription.

The Chef management console includes a command-line utility named chef-manage-ctl. This command-line tool is used to reconfigure, cleanse (reset the Chef management console to initial configuration settings), and uninstall the Chef management console.


The help subcommand is used to print a list of all available chef-manage-ctl commands.

This subcommand has the following syntax:

chef-manage-ctl help


The reconfigure subcommand is used when changes are made to the manage.rb file to reconfigure the server. When changes are made to the manage.rb file, they will not be applied to the Chef management console configuration until after this command is run.

This subcommand has the following syntax:

chef-manage-ctl reconfigure


The show-config subcommand is used to view the configuration that will be generated by the reconfigure subcommand. This command is most useful in the early stages of a deployment to ensure that everything is built properly before installation.

This subcommand has the following syntax:

chef-manage-ctl show-config


The uninstall subcommand is used to manage the hooks between runit and sysvinit or upstart. This subcommand does not uninstall the Chef management console or remove .rpm or .deb files.

This subcommand has the following syntax:

chef-manage-ctl uninstall
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