opscode-expander-ctl (executable)

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The opscode-expander-ctl executable can be used to generate status information for the opscode-expander service. The opscode-expander-ctl executable is run as a command-line tool from the master backend machine.


This tool has the following syntax:

opscode-expander-ctl COMMAND

Where COMMAND can be any of the following:

Use to show the log level for all nodes in the cluster.
Use to show the status for all nodes in the cluster.
Use to display the aggregate queue backlog.
Use to show the backlog and consumer counts for each vnode queue.


For example, to view the aggregate queue backlog, enter the following:

$ cd /opt/opscode/embedded/service/opscode-expander/
$ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/opscode/bin:/opt/opscode/embedded/bin
$ bin/opscode-expander-ctl queue-depth

to return something similar to:

total messages:       0
average queue depth:  0.0
max queue depth:      0
min queue depth:      0