push-jobs-client (executable)

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Chef Push Jobs is an extension of the Chef Infra Server that allows jobs to be run against nodes independently of a Chef Infra Client run. A job is an action or a command to be executed against a subset of nodes; the nodes against which a job is run are determined by the results of a search query made to the Chef Infra Server.

Chef Push Jobs uses the Chef Infra Server API and a Ruby client to initiate all connections to the Chef Infra Server. Connections use the same authentication and authorization model as any other request made to the Chef Infra Server. A knife plugin is used to initiate job creation and job tracking.

The Chef Push Jobs executable can be run as a command-line tool.


This command has the following syntax:

push-jobs-client OPTION VALUE OPTION VALUE ...

This command has the following options:

Allow unencrypted connections to 1.x servers
-c CONFIG, --config CONFIG
The configuration file to use. The Chef Infra Client and Chef Push Jobs client use the same configuration file: client.rb. Default value: Chef::Config.platform_specific_path("/etc/chef/client.rb").
-d DIR, -file_dir DIR
Set the directory for temporary files. Default value: /tmp/chef-push.
-h, --help
Show help for the command.
-k KEY_FILE, --client-key KEY_FILE
The location of the file that contains the client key.
-l LEVEL, --log_level LEVEL
The level of logging to be stored in a log file.
The location of the log file. This is recommended when starting any executable as a daemon.
-N NODE_NAME, --node-name NODE_NAME
The name of the node.
-S URL, --server URL
The URL for the Chef Infra Server.
-v, --version
The version of Chef Push Jobs.