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Deprecation: Filesystem plugin replaced by the Filesystem V2 plugin. (OHAI-9)

In Ohai/Chef Infra Client 13 we replaced the existing Filesystem plugin with the Filesystem2 plugin. This was done by having the Filesystem2 plugin populate both node['filesystem2'] and node['filesystem']. The Filesystem2 plugin includes a different data format that resolves many of the longstanding bugs in the Filesystem plugin.


If you have a cookbook that relies on data from node['filesystem'] you will need to update the code to use data in the new format when migrating to Chef Infra Client 13 or later. On a Chef Infra Client 12 or earlier node you can view the new format by running ohai filesystem2 or on a Chef Infra Client 13+ node you can run ohai filesystem.

The output of the filesystem plugin is too large to show the difference here, but as an example code that may reference node['/dev/xvda1']['kb_size'] would need to be updated to reference node['by_device']['/dev/xvda1']['kb_size'] as filesystem data is now displayed by both devices and mounts.

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