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Deprecation: Resource Property Name Collision (CHEF-11)

A resource property, defined with the property method, conflicts with an already-existing property or method. This could indicate an error that could lead to unintended behavior.

All Ruby objects have a number of methods that are expected to always be available. When a resource property is created, Ruby methods for setting and getting the property value are created for you. If a resource creates a property which is named the same as an existing method, the original method will be overwritten.

For example, every Ruby object has a hash method which is expected to return a number. If a resource creates a property named hash and stores a string instead, it could cause errors in your Chef run.

A deprecation warning is logged when this occurs. In Chef Infra Client 13, this will raise an exception and your Chef run will fail.


Modify the resource and choose a different name for the property that does not conflict with an already-existing method name.

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