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Deprecation: Deprecation of legacy shell_out APIs (CHEF-26)

The functionality of multiple legacy shell_out APIs has been collapsed into the shell_out API itself, and the legacy methods have been deprecated.

The shell_out_compact API has been migrated into shell_out, so those methods can be renamed. The functionality of shell_out_compact_timeout and shell_out_with_timeout have been migrated into shell_out for internal resources, and will be migrated into custom resources and LWRPs in Chef-15, in the meantime consumers should use shell_out with a timeout: new_resource.timeout option. The functionality of shell_out_with_systems_locale has been replaced by the default_env: false flag.

The “banged” versions of those APIs (for example shell_out_compact!) changes identically to use shell_out!.


The following code examples need to be changed to the corresponding code below:

shell_out_compact('rpm', '-qa')
shell_out_compact_timeout('rpm', '-qa')
shell_out_with_timeout('rpm', '-qa')
shell_out_with_systems_locale('rpm', '-qa')


You now need to use shell_out! instead:

shell_out('rpm', '-qa')
shell_out('rpm', '-qa', timeout: new_resource.timeout)
shell_out('rpm', '-qa', timeout: new_resource.timeout)
shell_out('rpm', '-qa', default_env: false)
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