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Commercial API

Commercial customers can use Chef’s Commercial API to download Chef software packages and view software package metadata.


You must use a license to download packages and review metadata with this API. If you don’t already have one, contact Chef to get a license.

See Chef’s licensing documentation for more information on the Chef license.


The Chef Commercial Download API has the following endpoints:

  • /architectures
  • /platforms
  • /products
  • /packages
  • /versions/all
  • /versions/latest
  • /metadata
  • /download

See the parameters section below to understand the query strings used in the following endpoint descriptions.


The architectures endpoint returns a valid list of architecture that Chef products are built for. Any of these architectures can be used in the m query string value in various endpoints below.


The platforms endpoint returns a list of valid platform keys along with full friendly names. Any of these platform keys can be used in the p query string value in various endpoints below.


The products endpoint returns a list of valid product keys. In the following endpoints, you can replace the <PRODUCT> string with a product key in the response of this endpoint.

Use eol=true to return EOL products.


Use packages to get a full list of all packages for a particular release channel and product.

By default, it returns packages for the latest version.<CHANNEL>/<PRODUCT>/packages?license_id=<LICENSE_ID>

You can specify a version number with the v query string to get packages for a particular product version.<CHANNEL>/<PRODUCT>/packages?v=<VERSION_NUMBER>&license_id=<LICENSE_ID>


Use versions/all to return a list of versions of a product from a particular release channel.<CHANNEL>/<PRODUCT>/versions/all?license_id=<LICENSE_ID>


Use versions/latest to return the latest version of a product from a particular release channel.<CHANNEL>/<PRODUCT>/versions/latest?license_id=<LICENSE_ID>


The metadata endpoint returns data about a particular package of a Chef product.<CHANNEL>/<PRODUCT>/metadata?p=<PLATFORM>&pv=<PLATFORM_VERSION>&m=<ARCHITECTURE>&v=<PRODUCT_VERSION>&license_id=<LICENSE_ID>


The download endpoint downloads a particular package of a Chef product.<CHANNEL>/<PRODUCT>/download?p=<PLATFORM>&pv=<PLATFORM_VERSION>&m=<ARCHITECTURE>&v=<PRODUCT_VERSION>&license_id=<LICENSE_ID>


The API accepts the following parameters in a query string.

The release channel to install from. See Chef Software Packages for full details on the available channels.
The Chef Software product to install.

A list of valid product keys can be found in the Chef product matrix or by using the products endpoint.

Your license ID.

A license is required to download packages and retrieve package metadata with this API.

Whether to include EOL versions of a product or EOL products in the response.

Possible values: true or false.

Default value: false.

The platform.

Possible values: debian, el (for RHEL derivatives), freebsd, mac_os_x, solaris2, sles, suse, ubuntu or windows.

The platform version.

Possible values depend on the platform. For example, Ubuntu: 18.04, or 20.04, or for macOS: 10.15 or 11.

The machine architecture for the machine on which the product will be installed.

Possible values depend on the platform. For example, for Ubuntu or Debian: i386 or x86_64, or for macOS: x86_64.

The version of the product to be installed.

Versions typically take the form of x.y.z where x, y, and z are decimal numbers that are used to represent major (x), minor (y), and patch (z) versions. One-part (x) and two-part (x.y) versions are allowed.

Default value: latest.

Chef product names

See the Supported Versions documentation for information about the support status of individual products.

This is a list of currently supported products that you can install with this API.

ProductProduct Key
Chef Automateautomate
Chef Infra Clientchef
Chef Backendchef-backend
Chef Infra Serverchef-server
Chef Workstationchef-workstation
Chef Habitathabitat
Chef InSpecinspec
Management Consolemanage


Get the latest build

To get the latest supported build of Chef Infra Client for Ubuntu 20.04, enter the following:<LICENSE_ID>

which will return something like:

sha1	"8e8ae315d4695f9c95efc0a1437d2d453f7ab116"
sha256	"86f14ae08237b4e24201436ecb83c08c29b68aed1d6ede0953a1b4547a920e36"
url	"<LICENSE_ID>&m=x86_64&p=ubuntu&pv=20.04"
version	"18.2.7"

Download directly

To use cURL to download a package directly, enter the following:


To use GNU Wget to download a package directly, enter the following:

wget --content-disposition<CHANNEL>/<PRODUCT>/download?p=<PLATFORM>&pv=<PLATFORM_VERSION>&m=<ARCHITECTURE>&license_id=<LICENSE_ID>
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