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Community API

Chef community members can use Chef’s Community API to download Chef software packages and view software package metadata.


See Chef’s licensing documentation for more information on the Chef license.


The Chef Community Download API has the following endpoints:

  • /architectures
  • /platforms
  • /products
  • /packages
  • /versions/all
  • /versions/latest
  • /metadata
  • /download

See the parameters section below to understand the query strings used in the following endpoint descriptions.


The architectures endpoint returns a valid list of architecture that Chef products are built for. Any of these architectures can be used in the m query string value in various endpoints below.


The platforms endpoint returns a list of valid platform keys along with full product names. Any of these platform keys can be used in the p query string value in various endpoints below.


The products endpoint returns a list of valid product keys. In the following endpoints, you can replace the <PRODUCT> string with a product key in the response of this endpoint.

Use eol=true to return EOL products.


Use packages to get a list of all packages for a particular release channel and product.

By default, it returns packages for the latest version.<PRODUCT>/packages

You can specify a version number with the v query string to get packages for a particular product version.<PRODUCT>/packages?v=<VERSION_NUMBER>


Use versions/all to return a list of versions of a product from a particular release channel.<PRODUCT>/versions/all


Use versions/latest to return the latest version of a product from a particular release channel.<PRODUCT>/versions/latest


The metadata endpoint returns data about a particular package of a Chef product.<PRODUCT>/metadata?p=<PLATFORM>&pv=<PLATFORM_VERSION>&m=<ARCHITECTURE>&v=<PRODUCT_VERSION>


The download endpoint downloads a particular package of a Chef product.<PRODUCT>/download?p=<PLATFORM>&pv=<PLATFORM_VERSION>&m=<ARCHITECTURE>&v=<PRODUCT_VERSION>


The API accepts the following parameters in a query string.

The Chef Software product to install.

A list of valid product keys can be found in the Chef product matrix or by using the products endpoint.

Whether to include EOL versions of a product or EOL products in the response.

Possible values: true or false.

Default value: false.

The platform.

Possible values: debian, el (for RHEL derivatives), freebsd, mac_os_x, solaris2, sles, suse, ubuntu or windows.

The platform version.

Possible values depend on the platform. For example, Ubuntu: 18.04, or 20.04, or for macOS: 10.15 or 11.

The machine architecture for the machine on which the product will be installed.

Possible values depend on the platform. For example, for Ubuntu or Debian: i386 or x86_64, or for macOS: x86_64.

The version of the product to be installed.

Versions typically take the form of x.y.z where x, y, and z are decimal numbers that are used to represent major (x), minor (y), and patch (z) versions. One-part (x) and two-part (x.y) versions are allowed.

Default value: latest.

Chef product names

See the Supported Versions documentation for information about the support status of individual products.

This is a list of currently supported products that you can install with this API.

ProductProduct Key
Chef Automateautomate
Chef Infra Clientchef
Chef Infra Serverchef-server
Chef Workstationchef-workstation
Chef Habitathabitat
Chef InSpecinspec


Get the latest build

To get the latest supported build of Chef Infra Client for Ubuntu 20.04, enter the following:

which will return something like:

sha1	"3c8a265a36c2ce7e5594ae894fafb248789464a2"
sha256	"512c1eff0a4103e4a5c73b196d14393eddbf2b766a75e94ac9a9cb97d1fdd19c"
url	""
version	"14.15.6"

Download directly

To use cURL to download a package directly, enter the following:


To use GNU Wget to download a package directly, enter the following:

wget --content-disposition<PRODUCT>/download?p=<PLATFORM>&pv=<PLATFORM_VERSION>&m=<ARCHITECTURE>
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