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chef-docs hopes that the documentation is always just what you are looking for, but when that is not the case we do appreciate feedback. There are several ways to get feedback to chef-docs. For members of the Chef community, customers, or people who just want to send feedback, choose any of the following options:


Send an email to for documentation bugs, ideas, thoughts, and suggestions. This email address is not a support email address, however. If you need support, contact Chef support.

GitHub Issues

Open an issue in on GitHub. If you believe the issue may be a product bug within a Chef itself, consider opening an issue in the relevant product repository.

GitHub Pull Request

You can open a pull request on Every page on <> has a link to the Markdown page in the repository that it’s sourced from. We require a DCO sign-off to submit pull requests except for obvious fixes. See our Contributing page for more information about our DCO policy. If you have questions about the chef-web-docs repo, send an email to and we’re happy to assist.

Thanks in advance for any feedback you choose to send.

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