Filter Compliance Scans in Chef Automate

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The new compliance functionality described in this topic is currently in Beta. To enable compliance reporting in the Chef Automate UI, navigate to the Nodes tab, make sure your cursor is not in any text box or field, and type beta. A new Compliance tab should appear in the top-level menu of the UI. Note: Enabling the Compliance tab will allow you to view only new compliance scan data, not historical data.

While we encourage customers to try out this new functionality, the new compliance features are not recommended for production use until they are made generally available in an upcoming Chef Automate release.

The Compliance tab in your Chef Automate cluster allows you to upload, search, and view the profiles on your Chef Automate server, as well as the ability to filter on the compliance status of the nodes in your cluster. You can pivot your reports based on either the nodes or the profiles you have executed against those nodes.

Filter your report data

To begin viewing and filtering your reports, click the Compliance tab at the top of the Chef Automate UI and then click Reporting on the left pane.

You can filter by Profile, Control, Node, Platform, Environment, or a combination of these categories when you are in either the Node Status or Profile Status views.


Clear a Filter

To clear a filter, simply click on the filter icon and remove the filter or clear all filtering.


Switching views

In addition to filtering your reporting data, you can also switch your views to either see profiles and test results on a per-node basis, or see how your cluster of nodes behaves according to a profile.