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Create an Account

Whether you are looking to leverage the SaaS or on-prem version of Chef Habitat Builder, you will need to create an account on the SaaS version of Chef Habitat Builder. After you have then downloaded the version, you will then sync the two accounts.


You need to set a few things up before you can get started with Chef Habitat Builder:

and Authorize Chef Habitat Builder

Chef Habitat Builder automatically creates your account the first time you sign in using the GitHub authentication process. You’ll also need to authorize the Chef Habitat Builder application in Github.

Head over to the Chef Habitat Builder sign-in page at to get started.

  1. To sign in with an existing GitHub account, select Sign in with GitHub
  2. If you need to set up a GitHub account, select the Sign up here link

Chef Habitat sign in with Github

Signing in with your GitHub account and authorizing the Chef Habitat Builder application the first time you sign in grants you access to the Chef Habitat Builder platform. Once you’ve completed signing in and authorizing Chef Habitat Builder, you’ll arrive at the ‘My Origins’ view.

Authorize the Chef Habitat Application

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