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About Chef Habitat Builder

Chef Habitat Builder acts as the core of Chef’s Application Delivery Enterprise hub. Chef Habitat Builder was first launched as a cloud service and as the repository of all available plan templates built by Chef and the supporting community. Due to the fact that the application source code is stored alongside the build package, many users expressed a preference for storing packages and running Chef Habitat Builder on-prem. As a result, Chef Habitat Builder can be consumed either as a cloud based or on-premises solution. Plan files are stored in the Chef Habitat Builder SaaS, where they can be viewed and accessed by the Chef Habitat community and then shared with the on-premises version of the builder where they can then be copied and maintained locally.

Chef Habitat Builder Enterprise Components Include:

  • Application Manifest - The Application Manifest provides a single application directory, which includes—at a minimum—the compiled app artifact, dynamic links to all direct and transitive runtime dependencies ,and instructions to install and run the app.
  • Deployment Channel Management - Pre-canned deployment channels that can be used as-is or a user can custom design their own channels. Apps that are deployed through Chef Habitat can subscribe to a channel and be auto-upgraded whenever the app is promoted.
  • Origin Management - Save your application delivery content in uniquely named spaces that you can control.
  • Content Library - Hundreds of pre-built application delivery packages and core dependencies, which makes it easy to get started with Chef Habitat.
  • Custom Data and Reporting APIs - Rich APIs enable the capability to export to CSV or JSON.
  • DevOps Integration APIs - Provides an API so that clients can find and download the necessary packages to run their applications. Additional APIs also enable easy integration with other popular DevOps tools, including Jenkins, Terraform, Artifactory, Hashi Vault, and many others.
  • Role Based User Access - Improves your organizations operational safety by letting you assign specific levels of access to each origin member.

For more information on how the SaaS and On-Prem versions of Chef Habitat Builder work together, read the blog - Chef Habitat Builder On-Prem Enhancements that Extend Support to Airgap Environments and Simplify Set-Up

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