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Environment Variables

This is a list of all environment variables that can be used to modify the operation of the Chef Habitat Studio and Supervisor.

HAB_AUTH_TOKENbuild systemno defaultAuthorization token used to perform privileged operations against the depot, e.g. uploading packages or keys.
HAB_BINLINK_DIRbuild system/hab/binAllows you to change the target directory for the symlink created when you run hab pkg binlink. The default value is already included in the $PATH variable inside the Studio.
HAB_CACHE_KEY_PATHbuild system, Supervisor/hab/cache/keys if running as root; $HOME/.hab/cache/keys if running as non-rootCache directory for origin signing keys
HAB_CTL_SECRETSupervisorno defaultShared secret used for communicating with a Supervisor.
HAB_BLDR_CHANNELbuild system, SupervisorstableSet the Chef Habitat Builder channel you are subscribing to, to a specific channel. Defaults to stable.
HAB_BLDR_URLbuild system, Supervisorhttps://bldr.habitat.shSets an alternate default endpoint for communicating with Builder. Used by the Chef Habitat build system and the Supervisor
HAB_DOCKER_OPTSbuild systemno defaultWhen running a Studio on a platform that uses Docker (macOS), additional command line options to pass to the docker command.
HAB_INTERNAL_BLDR_CHANNELbuild system, Supervisor, exportersstableChannel from which Chef Habitat-specific packages (e.g., core/hab-sup, core/hab-launcher, etc.) are downloaded on-demand when first called. Generally of use only for those developing Chef Habitat. Only applies to Chef Habitat-specific packages, and nothing else.
HAB_LICENSEbuild system, Supervisor, exportersno defaultUsed to accept the Chef EULA. See Accepting the Chef License for valid values.
HAB_LISTEN_CTLSupervisor127.0.0.1:9632The listen address for the Control Gateway. This also affects hab commands that interact with the Supervisor via the Control Gateway, for example: hab sup status.
HAB_LISTEN_GOSSIPSupervisor0.0.0.0:9638The listen address for the Gossip System Gateway
HAB_LISTEN_HTTPSupervisor0.0.0.0:9631The listen address for the HTTP Gateway
HAB_NOCOLORINGbuild systemno defaultIf set to the lowercase string "true" this environment variable will unconditionally disable text coloring where possible
HAB_NONINTERACTIVEbuild systemno defaultIf set to the lowercase string "true" this environment variable will unconditionally disable interactive progress bars (i.e. “spinners”) where possible
HAB_ORGSupervisorno defaultOrganization to use when running with service group encryption
HAB_ORIGINbuild systemno defaultOrigin used to build packages. The signing key for this origin is passed to the build system.
HAB_ORIGIN_KEYSbuild systemno defaultComma-separated list of origin keys to automatically share with the build system
HAB_RINGSupervisorno defaultThe name of the ring used by the Supervisor when running with wire encryption
HAB_RING_KEYSupervisorno defaultThe contents of the ring key when running with wire encryption. Useful when running in a container.
HAB_STUDIO_SECRET_<VARIABLE>build systemno defaultPrefix to allow environment variables into the Studio. The prefix will be removed and your variable will be passed into the Studio at build time.
HAB_STUDIOS_HOMEbuild system/hab/studiosDirectory in which to create build Studios
HAB_STUDIO_BACKLINE_PKGbuild systemcore/hab-backline/{{studio_version}}Overrides the default package identifier for the “backline” package which installs the Studio baseline package set.
HAB_STUDIO_ROOTbuild systemno defaultRoot of the current Studio under $HAB_STUDIOS_HOME. Infrequently overridden.
HAB_STUDIO_NOSTUDIORCbuild systemno defaultWhen set to a non-empty value, a .studiorc will not be sourced when entering an interactive Studio via hab studio enter.
HAB_STUDIO_SUPbuild systemno defaultUsed to customize the arguments passed to an automatically launched Supervisor, or to disable the automatic launching by setting it to false, no, or 0.
HAB_GLYPH_STYLEbuild systemfull (limited on Windows)Used to customize the rendering of unicode glyphs in UI messages. Valid values are full, limited, or ascii.
HAB_SUP_UPDATE_MSSupervisor60000Interval in milliseconds governing how often to check for Supervisor updates when running with the –auto-update flag. Note: This variable has been deprecated. Users should instead use the –auto-update-period flag.
HAB_UPDATE_STRATEGY_FREQUENCY_MSSupervisor60000Interval in milliseconds governing how often to check for service updates when running with an update strategy. Note: This variable has been deprecated. Users should instead use the –service-update-period flag.
HAB_USERSupervisorno defaultUser key to use when running with service group encryption
http_proxybuild system, Supervisorno defaultA URL for a local HTTP proxy server optionally supporting basic authentication
https_proxybuild system, Supervisorno defaultA URL for a local HTTPS proxy server optionally supporting basic authentication
NO_INSTALL_DEPSbuild systemno defaultSet this variable to prevent dependencies install during build
no_proxybuild system, Supervisorno defaultA comma-separated list of domain exclusions for the http_proxy and https_proxy environment variables
SSL_CERT_FILEsystemno defaultStandard OpenSSL environment variable to override the system certificate file. This is particularly important for the secure HTTPS connection with a Builder instance. Can be used to help you navigate corporate firewalls.
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