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Service Group Configuration

Uploading Files to a Service Group

In addition to configuration updates, you can upload files to a service group. Keep these small - we recommend 4k or less per file, and keep the count of files to a minimum.


Use the hab file upload command to submit a file to a service group. Specify a peer in the ring to connect to, the version number of the file, and the new path to the file itself.


File updates for service groups must be versioned. The version number must be an integer that starts at one and must be incremented with every subsequent update to the same service group.

If the version number is less than or equal to the current version number, the change(s) will not be applied.

The following example shows how to upload a file to the ring:

hab file upload 1 /tmp/yourfile.txt

Your output would look something like this:

» Uploading file yourfile.txt to 1 incarnation
Ω Creating service file
↑ Applying via peer
★ Uploaded file

The services in the service group will receive the file, restarting if necessary:

hab-sup(MR): Receiving new version 1 of file secret.txt for
... Service file updated, yourfile.txt

Note: Habitat will put the uplodaded file in your service’s svc/files directory.


Files can be encrypted for the service group they are intended for. To do so, pass the --user option with the name of your user key, and the --org option with the organization of the service group. If you have the public key for the service group, the data will be encrypted for that key, signed with your user key, and sent to the ring.

It will then be stored encrypted in memory, and decrypted on disk.

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