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Supervisor Log Codes

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When running services with the Chef Habitat Supervisor you’ll see log output similar to this:

redis.default(SR): Initializing
redis.default(SV): Starting

The letters in parentheses are called “log keys” and signify what type of log message is being shown. This can be useful for log filtering.

They are mostly organized by the part of the Chef Habitat Supervisor code base that they are running from, so they often are of value to somebody troubleshooting problems in the Chef Habitat Supervisor source code.

The meanings of the keys are as follows:

Key Description
CE Census
CFG Global configuration
CS Create service: When a service is being started
ER Errors
FW Generic file watcher
HG Messages from the HTTP gateway
MN Main
MR Manager
O Standard output
PH Package hooks
PK Package
PT Path
PW Peer file watcher
SC Service configuration
SH Starting a shell with hab sup sh
SI Unix signals
SOT Structured output
SR Service runtime
SU Service updater
SV Supervisor
SY “sys” utility
UCW User-config watcher
UR Users utility
UT Utilities

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