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aws_db_subnet_group resource

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Use the aws_db_subnet_group InSpec audit resource to test properties of a db subnet group.


An aws_db_subnet_group resource block uses the parameter to select a subnet group.

describe aws_db_subnet_group(db_subnet_group_name: 'subnet-group-name-12345') do
  it { should exist }


db_subnet_group_name (required)

This resource accepts a single parameter, the DB Subnet Group Name. This can be passed either as a string or as a aws_db_subnet_group: 'value' key-value entry in a hash.

See also the AWS documentation on DB Subnet Groups.


Property Description
db_subnet_group_name The name of the DB subnet group.
db_subnet_group_description Provides the description of the DB subnet group.
vpc_id Provides the VPC ID of the DB subnet group.
subnet_group_status Provides the status of the DB subnet group.
subnets Contains a list of Subnet elements.
db_subnet_group_arn The Amazon Resource Name for the DB subnet group.

For a comprehensive list of properties available, see the API reference documentation


Check DB Subnet Group Name of a subnet group

describe aws_db_subnet_group(db_subnet_group_name: 'subnet-group-name-12345') do
  its('db_subnet_group_name')  { should eq 'subnet-group-name-12345' }


This InSpec audit resource has the following special matchers. For a full list of available matchers, please visit our matchers page.


The control will pass if the describe returns at least one result.

Use should_not to test the entity should not exist.

describe aws_db_subnet_group(db_subnet_group_name: 'subnet-group-name-12345') do
  it { should exist }

describe aws_rds_cluster(db_cluster_identifier: 'subnet-group-name-6789') do
  it { should_not exist }

AWS Permissions

Your Principal will need the rds:DescribeDBSubnetGroup action with Effect set to Allow.

You can find detailed documentation at Actions, Resources, and Condition Keysfor Amazon RDS.

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