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aws_s3_bucket_object Resource

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Use the aws_s3_bucket_object InSpec audit resource to test properties of a single AWS bucket object.

Each S3 Object has a ‘key’ which can be thought of as the name of the S3 Object which uniquely identifies it.

For additional information, including details on parameters and properties, see the AWS documentation on S3 Buckets.


This resource is available in the Chef InSpec AWS resource pack.

See the Chef InSpec documentation on cloud platforms for information on configuring your AWS environment for InSpec and creating an InSpec profile that uses the InSpec AWS resource pack.


An aws_s3_bucket_object resource block declares a bucket and an object key by name, and then lists tests to be performed.

describe aws_s3_bucket_object(bucket_name: 'test_bucket', key: 'test_object_key') do
  it { should exist }
  it { should_not be_public }


bucket_name (required)

The S3 Bucket Name which uniquely identifies the bucket. This must be passed as a bucket_name: 'value' key-value entry in a hash.

key (required)

The S3 Bucket Key which uniquely identifies the bucket object. This must be passed as a key: 'value' key-value entry in a hash.


The name of the bucket.
The key within the bucket.
Size of the body in bytes.
A standard MIME type describing the format of the object data.
An array of AWS Grants detailing permission grants on the bucket object.

There are also additional properties available. For a comprehensive list, see the API reference documentation.


Test an object’s object-level ACL.

describe aws_s3_bucket_object(bucket_name: 'test_bucket', key: 'test_key') do
  its('object_acl.count') { should eq 1 }

Test an object’s size in bytes is less than 100000.

describe aws_s3_bucket_object(bucket_name: 'test_bucket', key: 'test_key') do
  its('content_length') { should be < 1_000_000 }

Test an object’s type is “image/jpeg”.

describe aws_s3_bucket_object(bucket_name: 'test_bucket', key: 'test_key') do
  its('content_type') { should eq "image/jpeg" }

Check to see if a object appears to be exposed to the public.

describe aws_s3_bucket_object(bucket_name: 'test_bucket', key: 'test_key') do
  it { should_not be_public }


This InSpec audit resource has the following special matchers. For a full list of available matchers (such as exist) please visit our matchers page.


The be_public matcher tests if the object has potentially insecure access controls. This high-level matcher detects several insecure conditions, which may be enhanced in the future. Currently, the matcher reports an insecure object if any of the following conditions are met:

  1. A object ACL grant exists for the ‘AllUsers’ group
  2. A object ACL grant exists for the ‘AuthenticatedUsers’ group

Note: This resource does not detect insecure bucket ACLs.

it { should_not be_public }

AWS Permissions

Your Principal will need the S3:Client:GetObjectOutput, and S3:Client:GetObjectAclOutput actions set to allow.

You can find detailed documentation at Actions, Resources, and Condition Keys for Amazon S3.

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