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azure_generic_resource Resource

Use the azure_generic_resource Inspec audit resource to test any valid Azure resource available through Azure Resource Manager.


This resource is available in the Chef InSpec Azure resource pack.

For information on configuring your Azure environment for Chef InSpec and creating an InSpec profile that uses the InSpec Azure resource pack, see the Chef InSpec documentation for the Azure cloud platform.


describe azure_generic_resource(resource_group: 'RESOURCE_GROUP', name: 'NAME') do
  its('property') { should eq 'value' }


  • Resource parameters are used to query the Azure Resource Manager endpoint for the resource to be tested.
  • property - This generic resource dynamically creates the properties on the fly based on the resource type that has been targeted.
  • value - the expected output from the chosen property.


The following parameters can be passed for targeting a specific Azure resource.

Azure resource group where the targeted resource has been created.
Name of the Azure resource to test.
Azure resource provider of the resource to be tested.
Relative path to the resource if it is defined on another resource. The resource path of a subnet in a virtual network would be: {virtualNetworkName}/subnets.
Unique ID of Azure resource to be tested. /subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroup}/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/{vmName}.
Azure REST API URI of the resource to be tested. This parameter should be used when a resource does not reside in a resource group. It requires add_subscription_id and name parameters to be provided together. /providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions/.
Indicates whether the resource_uri contains the subscription ID. true or false.
Tag name defined on the Azure resource. name.
Tag value of the tag defined with the tag_name. external_linux.
API version to use when interrogating the resource. If not set or the resource provider does not support the provided API version, then the latest version for the resource provider will be used. 2017-10-9, latest, and default.

* When resources are filtered by a tag name and value, the tags for each resource are not returned in the results.

Either one of the parameter sets can be provided for a valid query:

  • resource_id
  • resource_group and name
  • name
  • resource_group, resource_provider and name
  • resource_group, resource_provider, resource_path and name
  • add_subscription_id, resource_uri and name
  • tag_name and tag_value

Different parameter combinations can be tried. If it is not supported, the InSpec resource or the Azure Rest API will raise an error.

If the Azure Resource Manager endpoint returns multiple resources for a given query, this singular generic resource will fail. In that case, the plural generic resource should be used.


The properties that can be tested are dependent on the Azure Resource that is tested. One way to see what properties can be tested is by checking their API pages. For example, about virtual machines, see here.

Also, the Azure Resources Portal can be used to select the resource you are interested in and see what can be tested.

The following properties apply to almost all resources.

The unique resource identifier.
The name of the resource.
The resource type.
The location of the resource.
The tag key:value pairs if defined on the resource.
The resource properties.

For more properties, refer to specific Azure documents for the tested resource.


Test properties of a virtual machine and the endpoint API version

describe azure_generic_resource(resource_group: 'RESOURCE_GROUP', name: 'NAME') do
  its('properties.storageProfile.osDisk.osType') { should cmp 'Linux' }
  its('properties.storageProfile.osDisk.createOption') { should cmp 'FromImage' }
  its('') { should cmp 'linux-external-osdisk' }
  its('properties.storageProfile.osDisk.caching') { should cmp 'ReadWrite' }

  its('api_version_used_for_query_state') { should eq 'latest' }

Test to ensure that the API version is used for the Query

describe azure_generic_resource(resource_id: '/subscriptions/{subscriptionId}/resourceGroups/{resourceGroup}/providers/Microsoft.Compute/virtualMachines/{vmName}', api_version: '2017-01-01') do
  its('api_version_used_for_query_state') { should eq 'user_provided' }
  its('api_version_used_for_query') { should eq '2017-01-01' }

Test to ensure if the tags include specific values

describe azure_generic_resource(resource_group: 'RESOURCE_GROUP', name: 'NAME') do
  its('tags') { should include(name: 'MyVM') }

**The tag key name can be tested in String or Symbol.**
**regardless of the value.**
**regardless of the value.**


Test properties of a virtual machine resides in an Azure Dev Test Lab

describe azure_generic_resource(resource_provider: 'Microsoft.DevTestLab/labs', resource_path: '{labName}/virtualmachines', resource_group: 'RESOURCE_GROUP', name: 'NAME') do
  its('properties.userName') { should cmp 'admin' }
  its('properties.allowClaim') { should cmp false }

Test a resource group

describe azure_generic_resource(add_subscription_id: true, resource_uri: '/resourcegroups/', name: 'RESOURCE_GROUP') do
  it { should exist }
  its('tags') { should include(:owner) }
  its('tags') { should include(owner: 'John Doe') }

Test a policy definition

describe azure_generic_resource(add_subscription_id: true, resource_uri: 'providers/Microsoft.Authorization/policyDefinitions', name: 'POLICY') do
  it { should exist }
  its('properties.policyRule.then.effect') { should cmp 'deny' }
  its('properties.policyType') { should cmp 'Custom' }

For more examples, please see the integration tests.


For a full list of available matchers, see our Universal Matchers page.

This resource has the following special matchers.


# Should not exist if there is no resource with a given name.

describe azure_generic_resource(name: 'fake_name') do
  it { should_not exist }


# Should exist if there is one resource with a given name.

describe azure_generic_resource(name: 'a_very_unique_name_within_subscription') do
  it { should exist }

Azure Permissions

Your Service Principal must be set up with at least a contributor role on the subscription you wish to test.

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