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chocolatey_package resource

Use the chocolatey_package Chef InSpec audit resource to test if the named Chocolatey package and/or package version is installed on the system.



This resource is distributed with Chef InSpec and is automatically available for use.


This resource first became available in v2.1.30 of InSpec.


A chocolatey_package resource block declares the name of a Chocolatey package to be tested:

describe chocolatey_package('name') do
  it { should be_installed }


  • ('name') must specify the (case-sensitive) name of a package, such as 'nssm'
  • be_installed is a valid matcher for this resource


The following examples show how to use this Chef InSpec audit resource

Test if NSSM version 2.1.0 is installed

describe chocolatey_package('nssm') do
  it { should be_installed }
  its('version') { should eq '2.1.0' }


For a full list of available matchers, please visit our matchers page.


The be_installed matcher tests if the named package is installed at all.

it { should be_installed }


The version matcher tests if the named package version is on the system:

its('version') { should eq '2.1.0' }

You can also use the cmp OPERATOR matcher to perform comparisons using the version attribute:

its('version') { should cmp >= '1.93.4-13debug84' }

cmp understands version numbers using Gem::Version, and can use the operators ==, <, <=, >=, and >. It will compare versions by each segment, not as a string - so ‘7.4’ is smaller than ‘7.30’, for example.

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