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filesystem resource

Use the filesystem Chef InSpec resource to audit filesystem disk space usage.



This resource is distributed with Chef InSpec and is automatically available for use.


This resource first became available in v1.51.0 of InSpec.

The free_kb, size_kb, and type properties became available in v3.6 of InSpec.


Versions of this resource in Chef InSpec prior to 3.5.x offered a property size, which returned a value in GB when on Windows and a value in KB on Linux, though it was documented to always return KB. All new code should use size_kb which is unit-stable. The property size will remain available in Chef InSpec v3 and 4, but will be deprecated in the future.


A filesystem resource block declares tests for disk space in a partition:

describe filesystem('/') do
  its('size_kb') { should be >= 32 * 1024 * 1024}
  its('free_kb') { should be >= 50 * 1024 }
  its('percent_free') { should be >= 20 }
  its('type') { should cmp 'ext4' }


  • filesystem('/') states that the resource will look at the root (/) partition.
  • size_kb is the total partition size and is measured in kilobytes (KB).
  • free_kb is the available space on the partition and is measured in kilobytes (KB).
  • percent_free is the percentage of available free space, and ranges from 0 to 100.


size_kb (Integer)

The size_kb property returns the total partition size in kb.

its('size_kb') { should be >= 32000 }

free_kb (Integer)

The free_kb property returns the size of available space on the partition in kb.

its('size_kb') { should be >= 32000 }

percent_free (Integer)

The percent_free property returns the available free space on the partition, ranges from 0 to 100.

its('percent_free') { should be >= 20 }

type (String)

The type property returns the type of the file system.

its('type') { should cmp 'NTFS' }


Test if the root partition is greater than 32000 KB

describe filesystem('/') do
  its('size_kb') { should be >= 32000 }

Test that the root partition has more than 5GB free

describe filesystem('/') do
  its('free_kb') { should be >= 5000000 }

Test if the C:\ partition is NTFS

Note that Windows filesystems (drives) are referred to without any slashes:

describe filesystem('c:') do
  its('type') { should cmp 'NTFS' }

Test if the /var partition has sufficient free space

describe filesystem('/var') do
  its('percent_free') { should be >= 20 }


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