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google_project_logging_audit_config resource

Use the google_compute_zone InSpec audit resource to test properties of a single GCP compute zone.


A google_project_logging_audit_config resource block declares the tests for a single GCP zone by project and name.

describe google_project_logging_audit_config(project: 'chef-inspec-gcp') do
  it { should exist }


The following examples show how to use this InSpec audit resource.

Test that a GCP project logging audit configuration has a default type defined

describe google_project_logging_audit_config(project: 'chef-inspec-gcp') do
  its('default_types') { should include 'ADMIN_READ' }

Test that a GCP project logging audit configuration has default exempted members

describe google_compute_zone(project: 'chef-inspec-gcp',  zone: 'us-east1-b') do
  it { should_not have_default_exempted_members }


  • default_types, default_exempted_members

GCP Permissions

Ensure the Cloud Resource Manager API is enabled for the project.

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