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inetd_conf resource

Use the inetd_conf Chef InSpec audit resource to test if a service is listed in the inetd.conf file on Linux and Unix platforms. inetd—the Internet service daemon—listens on dedicated ports, and then loads the appropriate program based on a request. The inetd.conf file is typically located at /etc/inetd.conf and contains a list of Internet services associated to the ports on which that service will listen. Only enabled services may handle a request; only services that are required by the system should be enabled.



This resource is distributed with Chef InSpec and is automatically available for use.


This resource first became available in v1.0.0 of InSpec.


An inetd_conf resource block declares the list of services that are enabled in the inetd.conf file:

describe inetd_conf('path') do
  its('service_name') { should eq 'value' }


  • 'service_name' is a service listed in the inetd.conf file
  • ('path') is the non-default path to the inetd.conf file
  • should eq 'value' is the value that is expected


This resource supports any of the properties listed as services in the inetd.conf file. You may want to ensure that specific services do not listen via inetd.conf.


The following examples show how to use this Chef InSpec audit resource.

Basic tests for inetd_conf services:

its('shell') { should eq nil }


its('netstat') { should eq nil }


its('systat') { should eq nil }

For example:

describe inetd_conf do
  its('shell') { should eq nil }
  its('login') { should eq nil }
  its('exec') { should eq nil }

Verify that FTP is disabled

The contents if the inetd.conf file contain the following:

#ftp      stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/sbin/tcpd   in.ftpd -l -a
#telnet   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/sbin/tcpd   in.telnetd

and the following test is defined:

describe inetd_conf do
  its('ftp') { should eq nil }
  its('telnet') { should eq nil }

Because both the ftp and telnet Internet services are commented out (#), both services are disabled. Consequently, both tests will return true. However, if the inetd.conf file is set as follows:

ftp       stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/sbin/tcpd   in.ftpd -l -a
#telnet   stream   tcp   nowait   root   /usr/sbin/tcpd   in.telnetd

then the same test will return false for ftp and the entire test will fail.

Test if telnet is installed

describe package('telnetd') do
  it { should_not be_installed }

describe inetd_conf do
  its('telnet') { should eq nil }


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