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postgres_conf resource

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Use the postgres_conf Chef InSpec audit resource to test the contents of the configuration file for PostgreSQL, typically located at /etc/postgresql/<version>/main/postgresql.conf or /var/lib/postgres/data/postgresql.conf, depending on the platform.



This resource is distributed along with Chef InSpec itself. You can use it automatically.


This resource first became available in v1.0.0 of InSpec.


A postgres_conf resource block declares one (or more) settings in the postgresql.conf file, and then compares the setting in the configuration file to the value stated in the test:

describe postgres_conf('path') do
  its('setting') { should eq 'value' }


  • 'setting' specifies a setting in the postgresql.conf file
  • ('path') is the non-default path to the postgresql.conf file (optional)
  • should eq 'value' is the value that is expected


The following examples show how to use this Chef InSpec audit resource.

Test the maximum number of allowed client connections

describe postgres_conf do
  its('max_connections') { should eq '5' }

Test system logging

describe postgres_conf do
  its('logging_collector') { should eq 'on' }
  its('log_connections') { should eq 'on' }
  its('log_disconnections') { should eq 'on' }
  its('log_duration') { should eq 'on' }
  its('log_hostname') { should eq 'on' }
  its('log_line_prefix') { should eq '%t %u %d %h' }
  its(['pgaudit.log_parameter']) { should cmp 'on' }

Test the port on which PostgreSQL listens

describe postgres_conf do
  its('port') { should eq '5432' }

Test the Unix socket settings

describe postgres_conf do
  its('unix_socket_directories') { should eq '.s.PGSQL.5432' }
  its('unix_socket_group') { should eq nil }
  its('unix_socket_permissions') { should eq '0770' }

where unix_socket_group is set to the PostgreSQL default setting (the group to which the server user belongs).


For a full list of available matchers, please visit our matchers page.


The setting matcher tests specific, named settings in the postgresql.conf file:

its('setting') { should eq 'value' }

Use a setting matcher for each setting to be tested.

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