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zfs_dataset resource

Use the zfs_dataset Chef InSpec audit resource to test the ZFS datasets on FreeBSD & Linux (Check OS Family Details for more details).



This resource is distributed with Chef InSpec and is automatically available for use.


This resource first became available in v1.16.0 of InSpec.


A zfs_dataset resource block declares the ZFS dataset properties that should be tested:

describe zfs_dataset('dataset') do
  it { should MATCHER 'value' }


  • ('dataset') is the name of the ZFS dataset (eg: 'tank/tmp')
  • MATCHER is a valid matcher for this resource
  • 'value' is the value to be tested


The following examples show how to use this Chef InSpec audit resource.

Test a dataset of ’tank/tmp'

describe zfs_dataset('tank/tmp') do
  it { should be_mounted }
  its('atime') { should eq  'on' }
  its('compression') { should eq  'lz4' }
  its('exec') { should eq  'off' }
  its('readonly') { should eq  'off' }
  its('setuid') { should eq  'off' }


This Chef InSpec audit resource has the matchers listed below, in addition to dynamically exposing all ZFS dataset properties available (see: man zfs for the list of supported properties). For a full list of available matchers, see our Universal Matchers page.

This resource has the following special matchers.


The be_mounted matcher tests if the dataset is accessible from the file system:

it { should be_mounted }
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