knife serve

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Use the knife serve subcommand to run a persistent chef-zero against the local chef-repo. (chef-zero is a lightweight Chef server that runs in-memory on the local machine.) This is the same as running the chef-client executable with the --local-mode option. The chef_repo_path is located automatically and the Chef server will bind to the first available port between 8889 and 9999. knife serve will print the URL for the local Chef server, so that it may be added to the knife.rb file.


This subcommand has the following syntax:

$ knife serve (options)



Review the list of common options available to this (and all) knife subcommands and plugins.

This subcommand has the following options:

--chef-repo-path PATH
The path to the chef-repo. Default value: same as chef_repo_path in the client.rb file.
--chef-zero-host IP
Override the host on which chef-zero listens. Default value:
--chef-zero-port PORT

The port on which chef-zero listens. The default behavior will bind to the first available port between 8889 and 9999.

Changed in Chef Client 12.0 to support specifying a range of ports.

--repo-mode MODE
Use to specify the local chef-repo layout. Possible values: static (for environments, roles, data bags, and cookbooks), everything (same as static, plus nodes, clients, and users), hosted_everything (for ACLs, groups). Default value: everything/hosted_everything.