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Chef Licensing Terms

An individual component of your system, physical or virtual (for example, a server, workstation, IP router, virtual machine, or another device or component), that’s assessed, installed, configured, updated, scanned and/or managed using any Chef product.
A rules-based inspection of a target. There can be many scans applied to a target.
Each instance of infrastructure, software, configuration, cloud accounts, container hosts, or other technical resource that’s the compliance target of one or more Chef InSpec profiles used by you. Each target can access a resource with its credentials and locations.
Subscription License
One of the license types that continue until the expiration of the subscription period identified in the order, unless earlier terminated in accordance with the terms of the Progress Chef End User License Agreement.
Licensed Unit
“License Unit” types/metrics include node, entitled content, service instance, target and/or endpoint.
Measurement of License Units/License Consumption Data
Measurement of usage of a license unit. It’s a numerical value based on the bundle\SKU or add-on(s) customer has purchased.
Free-tier Users
Users using a Free License of Chef (User will only get the executable but restricted in some way), not the code base.
Trial Users
Users downloading Chef products to evaluate its benefit to their organizations (restricted by time and limited features)
Commercial Users
Customers who have purchased a Chef license and are entitled to features/services (restricted based on the purchase order - #of days, #of nodes/target)
Community Users
[Open Source] CINC Users. [Free] Infra <= 12, Inspec <= 3 Users that use older versions of Chef open-source software or downstream OSS distributions of Chef (CINC).
Open Source
Chef Code available to all under Apache License, Version 2.0. This isn’t same as access to any licensed Chef products or free Chef products.
Open Source Users
Users who download the source code and build executables on their own, or get binaries/executables from open derivative work to confirming Apache License, Version 2.0. These users need not purchase license to use the product.
A compute device such as a laptop, desktop, or a tablet that’s a primary workstation of a knowledge worker/student that has Chef supported platforms and is assessed, installed, configured, updated, scanned and is managed using Chef Desktop.
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