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Chef Local License Service Release Notes

Chef Local License Service provides license keys to commercially licensed Chef software in an online or air-gapped environment. You load license key data on Local License Service and then specify the Local License Service URL or IP address to each instance of a Chef application, then the application connects with Local License Service and retrieves a license key each time it runs automatically.

For large or isolated (airgapped) fleets, Chef Local License Service has several benefits:

  • End users don’t need to know the license keys for the Chef products they’re using, only the Local License Service URL.
  • You can control network communications to the internet as Local License Service is designed to work in isolation with Chef products.
  • You don’t have to manage secrets on each node that a Chef application is installed on.
  • The Local License Service URL changes less frequently than a license key.
  • You can scale Chef Local License Service to match your workload.

See the Chef Local License Service documentation for more information.



Chef Local License Service has four API endpoints that you can use to manage licenses.


The /v1/listLicenses endpoint lists all licenses present on Chef Local Licensing Service.


The /v1/loadLicense endpoint loads a single license by passing in a license key. This endpoint isn’t available in airgapped environments.


The /v1/syncAllLicenses endpoint syncs the license data from the local License datastore to Chef’s licensing server. This endpoint isn’t available in airgapped environments.


The /v1/uploadLicense endpoint uploads a license.

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