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Redirect existing nodes to Chef SaaS

After you’ve migrated to Chef SaaS, you must redirect Chef Infra Client nodes from AWS OpsWorks to Chef SaaS. This guide provides recommendations on how to accomplish this.


The following are prerequisites for migrating nodes from AWS OpsWorks to Chef SaaS:

  • AWS OpsWorks must be running Chef Automate 2.0.
  • A Chef SaaS environment must be configured. Refer to the Getting Started with Chef SaaS page.
  • Restoration is performed on AWS OpsWorks for Chef SaaS.
  • Splay mode and baseline are up to two client runs an hour. Refer to the Chef Infra Client page for more details on configuring splay mode in the client.rb file.
  • There must be one compliance scan per hour.

Redirect nodes to Chef SaaS

Progress Chef developed a cookbook that can run against all nodes under management in the AWS OpsWorks environment. This cookbook redirects all nodes to the new Chef SaaS instance.

To redirect nodes from AWS OpsWorks to Chef SaaS:

  1. Create a new cookbook.

  2. Update the Policyfile with the following content:

    # Policyfile.rb  Describe how you want Chef Infra Client to build your system.
    # For more information on the Policyfile feature, visit
    # A name that describes the system you are building with Chef docs.
    name 'your_client'
    # Where to find external cookbooks:
    default_source :supermarket
    # run_list: chef_client runs the recipes in the order specified.
    run_list 'your_client::default'
    # Specify a custom source for a single cookbook:
    cookbook 'your_client', path: '.'
  3. Add attributes for the new and old server:

    default['your_client']['chef_server_old'] = '<OLD_CHEF_SERVER_URL>'

    default['your_client']['chef_server_new'] = '<NEW_CHEF_SERVER_URL>'

  4. Upload the new cookbook to your server on AWS OpsWorks.

  5. Log in to Chef SaaS after the next Infra Client run to verify that the nodes have redirected to Chef SaaS.

Contact your SA if you need help.

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