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Chef Documentation Style Guide

This style guide provides a set of standards for writing clear and consistent developer documentation for all of Progress Chef’s products.

Chef’s documentation is open source and we follow a docs as code methodology. Any community member can make or suggest a documentation change through a pull request or issue in a documentation repository.

For additional guidance not covered in this style guide, refer to Google’s style guide and Microsoft’s style guide.

Documentation repositories

Our main repository for is called chef-web-docs. This repo contains the files for Chef Infra Client and the Hugo files for our front-end theme, templates, and shortcodes. The Chef documentation is located in:

  • The chef-web-docs repo contains a content directory which holds most the Markdown files in the doc set.
  • The static/images directory stores the image files used in the docs.
  • The config.toml tells Hugo how to build the navigation menus and contains other Hugo settings. do not modify this file.

Repository locations

We try to keep our documentation source as close to the code as possible, which means that our documentation files are distributed across several product repositories.

ProductGitHub Docs Directory
Chef Automate
Chef Desktop
Chef Habitat
Chef Infra Client
Chef Infra Server
Chef Inspec
Chef Inspec AliCloud Resource Pack
Chef InSpec AWS Resource Pack
Chef Inspec Azure Resource Pack
Chef InSpec Habitat Resource Pack
Chef Supermarket
Chef Workstation
Effortless Pattern
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