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Chef Product Names

This page provides guidance on using Chef product names. See the Terms page for general guidance on terminology.

Chef product names

For Chef applications and components, use:

  • Chef Automate
  • Chef Backend
  • Chef Habitat
  • Chef Infra (formerly Chef)
  • Chef Infra Client (Use Chef Client up to version 14.x)
  • Chef Infra Server (Formerly Chef Server)
  • Chef InSpec
  • Chef Manage
  • Policyfile (not policyfile or policy file)
  • Supermarket

Always capitalize product names and never hyphenate a product name or refer to a product by its CLI command.

Shorten product names

It is awkward to refer to the full product name all the time. Use the full product name the first time it’s used in a page or paragraph and then use the shortened product name afterward.

Using the before product names

Avoid using the before a product name unless you’re referring to a component of that product.

Not Recommended


Avoid using the possessive ’s with a product name.

Not Recommended
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