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Chef Supermarket

Chef Supermarket is the site for community cookbooks. It provides a searchable cookbook repository and a friendly web UI. Cookbooks that are part of the Chef Supermarket are accessible by any Chef user.

There are two ways to use Chef Supermarket:

  • The public Chef Supermarket is hosted by Chef Software and is located at Chef Supermarket.
  • A private Chef Supermarket may be installed on-premise behind the firewall on the internal network. Cookbook retrieval from a private Chef Supermarket is often faster than from the public Chef Supermarket because of closer proximity and fewer cookbooks to resolve. A private Chef Supermarket can also help formalize internal cookbook release management processes (e.g. “a cookbook is not released until it is published on the private Chef Supermarket”).

Public Supermarket

The public Chef Supermarket hosted by Chef Software is located at Chef Supermarket.

To interact with the public Chef Supermarket, use knife supermarket commands.

Image showing the Chef Supermarket website.

Private Supermarket

The private Chef Supermarket is installed behind the firewall on the internal network. Outside of changing the location from which community cookbooks are maintained, it otherwise behaves the same as the public Chef Supermarket.
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