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The following sections describe how to uninstall Chef, add-ons, and other components.

Chef Infra Server

The uninstall subcommand is used to remove the Chef Infra Server application, but without removing any of the data. This subcommand will shut down all services (including the runit process supervisor).

This subcommand has the following syntax:

chef-server-ctl uninstall


To revert the uninstall subcommand, run the reconfigure subcommand (because the start subcommand is disabled by the uninstall command).

Chef Workstation

Chef Workstation can be uninstalled using the steps below that are appropriate for the platform on which Chef Workstation is installed.


Use the following command to remove Chef Workstation on Debian-based platforms:

dpkg -P chef-workstation


Use the following commands to remove Chef Workstation on macOS.

To remove installed files:

sudo rm -rf /opt/chef-workstation

To remove the system installation entry:

sudo pkgutil --forget com.getchef.pkg.chef-workstation

To remove symlinks:

sudo find /usr/local/bin -lname '`/opt/chef-workstation/*' -delete

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Use the following commands to remove Chef Workstation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux-based platforms:

rpm -qa *chef-workstation*
sudo yum remove -y <package>


Use Add / Remove Programs to remove Chef Workstation on the Windows platform.

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