Notes for Enterprise Chef Upgrades

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The following sections contain more information about the upgrade process from Enterprise Chef to Chef server version 12. Please consult with Chef support about any of these situations if needed.


As part of the Chef server upgrade, all of the data is extracted, converted to a new format and then uploaded. A large amount of data (cookbooks, nodes, etc..) can increase the upgrade process significantly and extend your downtime. Preparing your client-side system will improve your chef server upgrade experience. Following this list of client-based tasks prior to upgrading will expedite the upgrade process and mitigate many of the common issues: Upgrading chef-client.

Solr => Solr 4 Changes

Chef server version 12 is upgraded to Apache Solr 4. If Apache Solr options were added to the private-chef.rb file under opscode_solr for Enterprise Chef, those configuration options are now stored under opscode_solr4 in the chef-server.rb file for Chef server version 12.

Some opscode_solr settings are imported automatically, such as heap, new size, and Java options, but many settings are ignored. If your Enterprise Chef configuration is highly tuned for Apache Solr, review these configuration settings before re-tuning Apache Solr for Chef server version 12.