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Supported Versions

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This section lists the free and commercial Chef products and versions we currently support. The lifecycle stage defines the involvement by Chef Software in updating and maintaining each product.

Lifecycle Definitions

Generally Available (GA)

This stage indicates that the product or version is in active development and/or maintenance.

  • Chef continues to provide releases to the application or version in response to customer needs and security vulnerabilities
  • Chef welcomes customer feature requests for the product roadmap for the application


This stage indicates that an application or version is no longer in active development and will eventually move to end of life status. Chef continues to provide support according to our SLAs.

  • Chef no longer provides scheduled releases
  • Customers should use the GA alternative to these products; contact us for help with product selection and deployment
  • Chef may provide a release for a critical defect or security vulnerability

End of Life (EOL)

This stage indicates that Chef has set a date after which the application or version will no longer be supported or recommended for use by customers.

  • As of the end of life date, the application will no longer be supported by Chef and will no longer be available for download
  • Documentation for the application will be moved to

Versions and Status


Unless otherwise stated, versions older than those listed below are EOL.

Supported Commercial Distributions

Use of these and later versions of these distributions must be in accordance with the Chef End User License Agreement or a commercial agreement with Chef. Additional information is available in this announcement.

ProductVersionLifecycle StatusEOL Date
Chef Automate2GAn/a
Chef Infra Client15.xGAApril 30, 2021
Chef Infra Client16.xGAApril 30, 2022
Chef Infra Server13.xGAn/a
Chef Habitat0.81+GAn/a
Chef InSpec4.xGAn/a
Chef Workstation20.6+ (June 2020)GAn/a
Chef Backend3.xReleasing 2020n/a


Chef Backend does not directly require acceptance of the Chef EULA, but it does have functionality that requires its acceptance in other products.

Supported Free Distributions

Use of the following distributions is governed by the Apache License, version 2.0.

ProductVersionLifecycle StatusEOL Date

Deprecated Products and Versions

The following products are deprecated. Users are advised to move to newer versions or products.

ProductVersionLifecycle StatusEOL Date
Chef Backend2.xDeprecatedDecember 31, 2021
Chef Infra Server12.xDeprecatedDecember 31, 2020
ChefDK4.xDeprecatedDecember 31, 2020
Chef Manage2.5.x+DeprecatedDecember 31, 2021
Chef Workflow2.xDeprecatedDecember 31, 2020
Push Jobs2.5.xDeprecatedDecember 31, 2020
Chef InSpec3.xDeprecatedApril 30, 2020

End of Life (EOL) Products


Chef Compliance Server, which reached EOL status in 2018, should not be confused with the modern Chef Compliance offering.
ProductVersionLifecycle StatusEOL Date
AnalyticsAllEOLDecember 31, 2018
Automate1.xEOLDecember 31, 2019
Chef Client14 and underEOLApril 30, 2020
Chef Compliance ServerAllEOLDecember 31, 2018
ChefDK3 and underEOLApril 30, 2020
Enterprise ChefAllEOLDecember 31, 2018
Chef InSpec2 and underEOLDecember 31, 2019
Chef ProvisioningAllEOLAugust 31, 2019
Chef Replication/SyncAllEOLAugust 31, 2019
ReportingAllEOLDecember 31, 2018
Chef Server DRBD HAAllEOLMarch 31, 2019