An Overview of Node Visibility in Chef Automate

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This documentation covers an outdated version of Chef Automate. See the Chef Automate site for current documentation. The new Chef Automate includes newer out-of-the-box compliance profiles, an improved compliance scanner with total cloud scanning functionality, better visualizations, role-based access control and many other features.

Chef Automate allows you to monitor and visualize node status and convergence events from any Chef servers or clients in your Chef Automate cluster during a chef-client run. This data can be filtered and searched in the UI using a simple query language. Searches can then be shared and saved for future reference.

Setup and Configuration

Setup and configuration for node visibility is done through the following steps:

  • Enable the node visibility feature after Chef Automate has been installed on a machine
  • Configure any Chef client and/or servers to connect to your Chef Automate server to begin ingesting data
  • (Optional) Stream event data out to a websocket consumer for further processing

See Configure Data Collection for more information on the initial setup and configuring Chef client and server for data ingestion, and Stream Data to learn how to stream data out for further processing.