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The department is: Chef/Correctness

The full name of the cop is: Chef/Correctness/NodeNormal

Enabled by default Supports autocorrection Target Chef Version
Enabled No All Versions

Normal attributes are discouraged since their semantics differ importantly from the default and override levels. Their values persist in the node object even after all code referencing them has been deleted, unlike default and override.

Code should be updated to use default or override levels, but this will change attribute merging behavior so needs to be validated manually and force_default or force_override levels may need to be used in recipe code.



node.normal['foo'] = true


node.default['foo'] = true
node.override['foo'] = true
node.force_default['foo'] = true
node.force_override['foo'] = true

Configurable attributes

Name Default value Configurable values
Version Added 5.1.0 String
  • **/metadata.rb
  • **/Berksfile

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