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The department is: Chef/Correctness

The full name of the cop is: Chef/Correctness/OpenSSLPasswordHelpers

Enabled by default Supports autocorrection Target Chef Version
Enabled No All Versions

The OpenSSL cookbook provides a deprecated secure_password helper in the Opscode::OpenSSL::Password class, which should no longer be used. This helper would generate a random password that would be used when a data bag or attribute was no present. The practice of generating passwords to be stored on the node is bad security as it exposes the password to anyone that can view the nodes, and deleting a node deletes the password. Passwords should be retrieved from a secure source for use in cookbooks.


::Chef::Recipe.send(:include, Opscode::OpenSSL::Password) basic_auth_password = secure_password


Configurable attributes

Name Default value Configurable values
Version Added 6.6.0 String
  • **/metadata.rb
  • **/Berksfile

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